Reconfigurable continuously-coupled 3D photonic circuit for Boson Sampling experiments

Boson Sampling is a computational paradigm representing one of the most viable and pursued approaches to demonstrate the regime of quantum advantage. Recent results have demonstrated significant technological leaps in single-photon generation and detection, leading to progressively larger experimental instances of Boson Sampling experiments in different photonic systems. However, a crucial requirement for a fully-fledged … Leggi tutto

Phoqusing IFN-CNR Partner joins the CLEO/EUROPE-EQEC 2021

IFN-CNR team, A. Crespi, F. Ceccarelli, R. Osellame, C. Pentangelo, are joining the virtual 2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference presenting “Efficient, low crosstalk and compact programmable photonic circuits by 3D femtosecond laser micromachining”. Link: Agenda:

VeriQloud joining the virtual workshop Quantum Business Europe

Marc Kaplan, VeriQloud PI, is joining the “Next Generation Quantum Networking Workshop 2021” presenting the future evolution of quantum communication technologies, from currently deployed QKD networks to a full-scale Quantum Internet. In particular, he will focus on the applications of those network and VeriQloud’s work to identify the potential end-users.Title of his talk: Quantum network … Leggi tutto

Phoqusing Partners joining the online workshop “Towards a European Strategy on Quantum Photonics Integrated Circuits”

Fabio Sciarrino (Coordinator of Phoqusing), Pascale Senellart (CNRS), and Jelmer Renema (QuiX BV) will participate to the online workshop “Towards a European Strategy on Quantum Photonics Integrated Circuits” organised by the Focus Group formed by Photonics21 and the Quantum Flagship on Photonic Integration and Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits (QPICs). Link: Agenda: