LIN INL article “Quantum circuit compilation and hybrid computation using Pauli-based computation”

In a recently published piece of work funded by PHOQUSING, PhD student Filipa Peres and PHOQUSING PI Ernesto Galvão, both from INL, explore a universal model of quantum computation known as Pauli-based computation. They show that this model can be used to compile quantum circuits dominated by Clifford gates, demonstrating helpful quantum resource savings in many cases. They also describe gains in efficiency in hybrid quantum-classical computation, where the two types of computers work together to simulate a larger quantum device. The paper is accompanied by open-access Python code that allows users to perform both compilation and hybrid computation on arbitrary user-specified circuits described using the common Clifford+T gate set. This model is a good candidate for implementation in the photonics platforms investigated by the PHOQUSING project. The paper can be found in the open-access journal Quantum:

F. C. R. Peres, E. F. Galvão. Quantum circuit compilation and hybrid computation using Pauli-based computation, Quantum 7, 1126 (2023[arXiv:2203.01789]