Sapienza Università di Roma

Principal Investigator: Fabio Sciarrino (Coordinator of Phoqusing)
Full Professor at the Physics Department of the University of Rome La Sapienza and Senior Research Fellow at the International School for Advanced Studies Sapienza, SSAS. He is Principal Investigator of the Quantum Information Lab, Department of Physics, Sapienza University of Rome . His main expertise is experimental quantum optics, computation and quantum information, and foundations of quantum mechanics. In recent years his research activity has focused on the implementation of quantum information protocols via integrated photonic circuits, with particular interest for Boson Sampling, a non-universal computational model with promising characteristics to achieve the quantum supremacy regime.

Team members involved in PHOQUSING:

Gonzalo Carvacho, Post-doc
Expertise on quantum information experiments with different photonic platforms. Gonzalo will provide contributions for the analysis of the architecture requirements (WP2), and will contribute in the system integration of QOLOSSUS sampling machine (WP5).


Francesco Hoch, PhD student
Currently working on multiphoton experiments with integrated photonic devices. Francesco will contribute to the development and implementation of algorithms for randomness manipulation (WP1), and to performing multiphoton experiments with different circuit architectures (WP2).

Giorgio Milani, Technician
Contributed to the preparation of the Lab and to the assembly of the Qolossus machine (WP5).


Giuliana Pensa, Project Manager
Project manager of the team’s EU projects FET-OPEN PHOQUSING (2020-2024), ERC ADVANCED GRANT QU-BOSS (2020-2025) and FET-OPEN CANCER SCAN (2019-2024).

Giovanni Rodari, PhD student
Contributed to the preparation of the Lab and to the assembly of the Qolossus machine (WP5).


Alessia Suprano, PhD student
Expertise on photonic quantum walks with different platforms. Alessia will contribute to the analysis of which tasks are achievable with different integrated circuits (WP2), and will contributed to the assembly of the QOLOSSUS machine.

Nicolò Spagnolo, Associate Professor
Expertise on Boson Sampling experiments and validation, on quantum simulation and on quantum metrology with integrated photonics. Nicolò will contribute to developing sampling algorithms (WP1), to the assembly of the QOLOSSUS machine (WP5), and to certification protocols for system validation (WP6).

Danilo Zia, PhD student 
Contributed to the preparation of the Lab and to the assembly of the Qolossus machine (WP5).

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Other Sapienza team involved in PHOQUSING:

Rinaldo Trotta, PI, Nanophotonics Group