Sorbonne Université

Principal Investigator: Elham Kashefi
Elham Kashefi is Professor of Quantum Computing at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, and Directeur de recherche au CNRS at LIP6 Sorbonne Universite. She co-founded the fields of quantum cloud computing and quantum computing verification, and has pioneered a trans-disciplinary interaction of hybrid quantum-classical solutions from theoretical investigation all the way to actual experimental and industrial commercialisation (Co-Founder of VeriQloud Ltd). She has been awarded several UK, EU and US grants and fellowships for her works in developing applications for quantum computing and communication. She served as the Associate Director of the NQIT Hub before being elected to lead the software activities within the quantum computing and simulation hub.

Team members involved in PHOQUSING:

  • Armando Angrisani, PhD student
  • Jonas LANDMAN, Post-Doc  
  • Hela MHIRI, Software Develope
  • Léo MONBROUSSOU, Resarch Assistant    
  • Sebastià Nicolau Orell, Intern
  • Debasis Sadhukhan, Post-doc
  • Bo Yang, PhD Student     

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