PHOQUSING in brief

The PHOQUSING (PHOtonic Quantum SamplING machine) project is funded by the FET- Future Emerging Technologies, a programme that supports ambitious interdisciplinary research at early stages of development with radical vision, with breakthrough technological targets.

PHOQUSING aims at realising the potential of quantum computing in a photonics computational hybrid device.

What is quantum computation?

Quantum computers exploit the incredible possibilities of quantum mechanics to significantly enhance computing power, compared with the computers currently available based on a conventional approach. In this context, it is essential to experimentally demonstrate the potential of quantum computers.

Recently, the study of computational problems that produce samples from probability distributions (quantum sampling problems or random circuit sampling) has highlighted a path forward to demonstrate quantum supremacy, corresponding to a scenario where a quantum device solves a specific problem faster than any classical system, as well as first applications.

PHOQUSING and hybrid technology

The partners of the PHOQUSING project are trying to develop useful quantum computation by using a hybrid computational model combining classical and quantum processes. The aim is to implement such a hybrid computational system based on integrated cutting-edge photonics.