LIN INL joins LOQCathon

Ernesto F. Galvão is joining the photonic quantum computing hackathon event (“LOQCathon”) organized by Quandela. Title of the presentation: Alternative algorithms for simulation of linear optics: Feynman path sums, permanents of sparse matrices Link: Programme:

Quantifying n-photon indistinguishability with a cyclic integrated interferometer has been published in PRX!

A joint paper between IFN-CNR, CNRS and Sapienza on a new method for the quantification of n-photon indistinguishability has been published in PRX! We report on a universal method to measure the genuine indistinguishability of n-photons – a crucial parameter that determines the accuracy of optical quantum computing. Our approach relies on a low-depth cyclic … Leggi tutto

QuiX Quantum delivers a quantum photonic processor for Europe

QuiX Quantum, PHOQUSING partner and market leader in photonic quantum computing hardware, has realized the largest quantum photonic processor compatible with quantum dots for the European project PHOQUSING. The processor realized by QuiX Quantum is the core component of the quantum sampling machine that the project aims to realize. QuiX Quantum delivers a record-size 20-mode quantum photonic processor compatible with quantum … Leggi tutto

IFN-CNR presenting at the conference ECIO 2022

Ciro Pentagelo is presenting “6-mode universal photonic processor fabricated by femtosecond laser writing” at European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO) 2022, in Milan (Italy). PhD students of IFN-CNR presenting at the conference ECIO 2022 in Milan on 4-6 May 2022. Ciro Pentangelo (left) and Pasquale Barbato (right).