High-fidelity generation of four-photon GHZ states on-chip

Mutually entangled multi-photon states are at the heart of all-optical quantum technologies. While impressive progresses have been reported in the generation of such quantum light states using free space apparatus, high-fidelity high-rate on-chip entanglement generation is crucial for future scalability. In this work, we use a bright quantum-dot based single-photon source to demonstrate the high … Leggi tutto

Orbital angular momentum based intra- and inter- particle entangled states generated via a quantum dot source

Engineering single-photon states endowed with Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) is a powerful tool for quantum information photonic implementations. Indeed, thanks to its unbounded nature, OAM is suitable to encode qudits allowing a single carrier to transport a large amount of information. Nowadays, most of the experimental platforms use nonlinear crystals to generate single photons through … Leggi tutto

LIN INL joins LOQCathon

Ernesto F. Galvão is joining the photonic quantum computing hackathon event (“LOQCathon”) organized by Quandela. Title of the presentation: Alternative algorithms for simulation of linear optics: Feynman path sums, permanents of sparse matrices Link: https://qics.sorbonne-universite.fr/en/evenements-qics/loqcathon-qics/quandela Programme: https://www.phoqusing.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/loqcathon_schedule.pdf

Quantifying n-photon indistinguishability with a cyclic integrated interferometer has been published in PRX!

A joint paper between IFN-CNR, CNRS and Sapienza on a new method for the quantification of n-photon indistinguishability has been published in PRX! We report on a universal method to measure the genuine indistinguishability of n-photons – a crucial parameter that determines the accuracy of optical quantum computing. Our approach relies on a low-depth cyclic … Leggi tutto