QuiX Quantum delivers a quantum photonic processor for Europe

QuiX Quantum, PHOQUSING partner and market leader in photonic quantum computing hardware, has realized the largest quantum photonic processor compatible with quantum dots for the European project PHOQUSING. The processor realized by QuiX Quantum is the core component of the quantum sampling machine that the project aims to realize.

QuiX Quantum delivers a record-size 20-mode quantum photonic processor compatible with quantum dots sources for Europe. The processor is one of the key components of a near-term quantum computing device, i.e., a quantum sampling machine, able to show a quantum advantage. QuiX Quantum processors are now the de-facto standard for photonic quantum information processing in Europe, being in use by the FrenchGermanBritish, and Hungarian quantum ecosystems.

Quantum sampling machines based on light are believed to be very promising for showing a quantum advantage. The problem of drawing samples from a probability distribution, mathematically too complex for a classical computer, can be solved easily by letting light propagating through such quantum sampling machines. At the very core of quantum sampling machines there are large-scale linear optical interferometers, i.e., photonic processors.

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