LIN INL: “Enhanced bunching of nearly indistinguishable bosons”, published on arXiv!

In multiphon interference processes, the commonly assumed direct link between boson bunching and particle indistinguishability has recently been challenged in Seron et al. [Nat. Photon. 17, 702 (2023)]. Exploiting the connection between optical interferometry and matrix permanents, it appeared that bunching effects may surprisingly be enhanced in some interferometers by preparing specific states of partially distinguishable photons. … Leggi tutto

New article from the collaboration Sapienza, Sorbonne, VeriQloud “Multi-client distributed blind quantum computation with the Qline architecture”

Universal blind quantum computing allows users with minimal quantum resources to delegate a quantum computation to a remote quantum server, while keeping intrinsically hidden input, algorithm, and outcome. State-of-art experimental demonstrations of such a protocol have only involved one client. However, an increasing number of multi-party algorithms, e.g. federated machine learning, require the collaboration of … Leggi tutto

Congratulations to PHOQUSING partner QuiX Quantum for winning the “Oscars of Photonics” in the Quantum Tech category

We are pleased to announce that the PhoQusing partner QuiX Quantum received the Prism Award 2023 in the Quantum Tech categoryfor their 20-mode Quantum Photonic Processor. QuiX Quantum’s 20-mode Quantum Photonic Processor enables plug-and-play, integrated, and reconfigurable hardware configurations. It is easy to deploy and low-cost technology for quantum processing, and industry-leading in the number of optical channels (20), low loss … Leggi tutto

IFN-CNR team attending SPIE Photonics

Ciro Pentagelo presented “Femtosecond-laser written universal quantum photonic processors” at the Quantum West – SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco (US). The IFN-CNR team attending SPIE Photonics West at San Francisco from 28 January to 2 February 2023. From left to right: Roberto Memeo, Roberto Osellame, Francesca Bragheri, Andrea Zanoni, Petra Paiè, Ciro Pentangelo.

High-fidelity generation of four-photon GHZ states on-chip

Mutually entangled multi-photon states are at the heart of all-optical quantum technologies. While impressive progresses have been reported in the generation of such quantum light states using free space apparatus, high-fidelity high-rate on-chip entanglement generation is crucial for future scalability. In this work, we use a bright quantum-dot based single-photon source to demonstrate the high … Leggi tutto

Orbital angular momentum based intra- and inter- particle entangled states generated via a quantum dot source

Engineering single-photon states endowed with Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) is a powerful tool for quantum information photonic implementations. Indeed, thanks to its unbounded nature, OAM is suitable to encode qudits allowing a single carrier to transport a large amount of information. Nowadays, most of the experimental platforms use nonlinear crystals to generate single photons through … Leggi tutto